The founders

Nansen Camp As is founded by Anne Strømøy from Sandefjord, Norway and Jerry Liu from Beijing, China. Both have a long track record in the travel industry and they met when working at the Scandinavian Tourist Board in Beijing back in 2004. 

The nature is our classroom and you will master new skills, challenge yourself and make new friends

Our vision is to be THE Camp for families and youths with highest credibility, broadest knowledge and best delivery of nature based camps where knowledge about nature and environmental protection is at the heart of the experience. Our camps have decades of experience and we only work with the most reputable destinations. 

Anne Strømøy is from Sandefjord, Norway. She holds a title in International Marketing from Norwegian School of Management, and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Anne has a long track record in the travel industry and has been working at the Scandinavian Tourist Board in Tokyo and Beijing before moving on to becoming Hurtigrutens Marketing Manager in Asia.


Today Anne is established in Norway with two children and she has continued to work in the travel industry. Anne  is also a politician in Sandefjord and currently chairs the department of upbringing and knowledge responsible for kindergartens and primary schools. 

Anne also loves the joy of outdoors be it skiing in the mountains during winter or hiking or sea activities in the summer. 

Jerry Liu is from Beijing, China, graduated from Beijing International Studies University and has been in travel industry for over 25 years. He has been working for China Merchants International Travel Company and KUONI Travel. In 2006 he started to work for Scandinavian Tourist Board.


From 2008 Jerry Liu has been representing Hurtigruten in China firmly establishing China as a strong source of Chinese travellers on Hurtigruten. He loves the travel industry and is highly dedicated towards cultural related events. Jerry has successfully organized visits by Chinese artists and scholars Norway and the polar regions.

Recently Jerry also has organized a number of trips for Chinese students on-board the Hurtigruten ships in the Arctic. 

About Fritjof Nansen

Fritjof Nansen was a Norwegian polar explorer, scientist and diplomat. He held a professorship in zoology (1897-1908) and oceanology (1908-1930) at the University of Oslo. But he is more famous for his polar expeditions. In 1888 he was the first to cross Greenland and he also tried to be the first to reach the North Pole with the ship MS Fram. The story of his attempt is a fascinating one which you will learn at the camp. After WW1 Nansen went on to work with repatriation of POWs and aid to refugees. He became the first High commissioner of the League of Nations and he organized aid to millions of Russians who suffered from famine after the war. Nansen received the Nobel Peace Price for his work. We are honoured that his successors allow us to use his name. 

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