In 2019 our coast camps take place in the southern part of Norway

during the summertime when climate is pleasant and days are long. 

In the summer of 2019 our coastal camps take place in the city of Kragerø. The program starts upon your arrival in Oslo on Sunday 10th of August before transferring down to Kragerø the following day. During the stay in Kragerø we will go on boattrips, you will learn how to master the skills of rowing and perhaps sailing. But first you will get used to being near and in the water. 

The marine national park "Jomfruland" is located just outside the city of Kragerø. Here we will go birdwatching and visiting a farm. But we will also spend time here to learn about marine protection and in particular plastic in the ocean which is a huge global threat affecting all of us.


We will also spend some time in cozy Kragerø so you can experience the Norwegian way of life. 

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