NANSEN CAMP offers three different programs: Nansen Coast and Nansen Mountain which takes place in July and August and Nansen Winter which takes place in January and February.  

Nansen Camp has camp sites spread out throughout the country of Norway. Our portfolio consists of three brands, Nansen Coast, Nansen Mountain and Nansen Winter each with their own unique characteristics. What they have in common however, is dedicated and very experience staff with a genuine passion for nature based activities. Among them our camps have decades if not centuries of experience in organizing camps for youths and children.


Nansen Coast are camps that are located along the coastline in southern Norway. The camps take place during the summertime, when climate is pleasant and the Norwegians themselves are flocking to the coastline. At Nansen Coast you get to learn and experience swimming, sailing, boating, canoeing we will go for excursions in the marine national parks and learn about marine protection. 


Nansen Mountain takes place inland in central Norway. These camps take place in the summertime too. More specifically in the latter half of July and the first two weeks in August. Hiking is our major activity at Nansen Mountain, but depending on location you also get to experience the traditional Norwegian Vikings as well as canoeing and swimming in the many lakes. 

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Nansen Winter is also in the mountainous regions of central Norway. They take place in January - February when snow is in abundance at our destinations. Here you get to learn cross-country skiing and perhaps downhill skiing for the more adventurous. We will build snow-cage, go sledding, husky-riding and there will be plenty of fire camps throughout the week. 

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